Wow! I Never Knew You Could Fix Scratched Wood Like THIS! Amazing!

We’ve all been there: one little accident and suddenly you’re staring at a gaping scratch on your lovely wood furniture. What to do? Well, with this simple little tip, you can get that scratch out of your wood almost instantly! Seriously, it’s almost like magic. All you need is one simple thing – something truly unexpected – that you might have in your pantry right now: a walnut. Watch the quick video below to see how easily wood scratches can be removed with a simple nut.

Is that not crazy?! Rubbing the walnut on the scratch for just a second or two almost instantly covers the scratch, making it appear as if it were never there.

This hack works best if it’s lighter wood that’s been scratched – you want the “meat” of the nut (which is the actual flesh part of the nut) to almost match the color of the wood, which is why a darker wood like mahogany won’t work quite as well with this trick.

By rubbing the “meat” against the scratch, you’re almost coloring in the discolored part of the wood with the nut. We suggest giving the scratch a rub with your finger afterwards so that the oils in the nut can really sink into the scratch and hide it well.

No walnuts? That’s okay, pecans will work, too!

What do you think of this tip? Has this ever worked for your wooden surfaces? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.