Parking tickets – nobody likes getting them. It’s probably fair to say that parking enforcement officers catch a lot of stink eyes as well as some choice words. But whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

One young driver in Nova Scotia got an early taste of what it’s like to fight for his right to park. The young man is a regular at the Halifax waterfront, and is often spotted with his parents. Attracted to the boardwalk, shops, and social life of the place, Declan Tramley loves hanging out.

However, one afternoon he caught the attention of Constable Shawn Currie, whose job it is to police the area. This also means keeping an eye on parking violators. In the video, the constable remarked that the area brings a lot of motorcyclists. A skilled motorcycle driver himself who often cruises with his dad, 3-year-old Declan received his first ticket.

No stranger to his fellow bikers, he knows where and how to find them and their cluster of bikes on the strip. He dons a leather jacket and hangs with them too, admiring their motorcycles and swapping road stories. According to Constable Currie, on the day of the incident, Declan rolled up and parked his ride just like the other biker dudes. He then walked away.

Image of toddler parking bike.CTV News
It wasn’t (or was) Declan’s lucky day because he earned himself a ticket with that parking job. He took it in stride as the constable knelt down to write him up, but did express a little discontent. In the video from CTV below, Constable Currie explained how he thought it’d be a fun joke to catch the little one red-handed with a parking violation.

As a first-time offender, Declan was caught off guard by this encounter. His parents took pictures of him getting his fake ticket, and of course he did a facepalm. Wouldn’t you? At least he didn’t put up a fuss and end up with extra charges! The good-natured policeman explained how it’s nice to flip their image of making arrests and show their fun side to people instead.

Declan’s Mom Lisa shared that he loves the ticket so much he tries to go to sleep with it. How many people do that with their parking tickets? Declan won’t soon forget this experience and in his future will probably compare it to all other parking ticket incidents. What are the odds that they will be this cute and fun? You can do the math on that one.

Peep the video to find out how the Halifax Police Department reacted to this biker’s ordeal. Lucky for Declan he won’t lose any money from paying fines or have to take a trip to the impound lot. The grateful tot will serve as an example and it should put all the other toddler riders out there on notice. And maybe the rest of us can learn to love our tickets like Declan.

What do you think of this adorable interaction? Do you have your own parking ticket stories to share? Share with us in the comments!