Kids going back to school can make parents feel all kinds of emotions. You know, scared for their little baby to experience a new grade or, admittingly, happy that the kids are finally not just hanging around the house anymore. Perhaps you’re nervous for how they’ll do in a new school or you’re anxious about a new teacher. Whatever it is, it’s a series of highs, lows, and mixed feelings!

Don’t worry—all those emotions you’re feeling? Your kids are probably feeling them too, or even more so. After all, their summer is over and waking up early isn’t going to come easy for them. Plus, being in school for six hours a day is HARD, isn’t it? From playing with blocks to learning long division, there’s only so much brain capacity these kids can handle.

Yes sir, they’ve got it rough. How do we know? We can tell based on some of these before and after photos from kids’ first day of school. If these aren’t the best photos you’ve seen all day, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Laugh along with us at some of these pictures that truly say a thousand words!

  1. So optimistic at first

    Who needs a nap?

  2. Too much to bear

    That escalated quickly…

  3. A day even hair couldn’t withstand

    At least she’s still smiling.

  4. The pain is real

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE the day she had in kindergarten.

  5. She’s never going back

    This is how most grown adults look by the end of their work day.

  6. School is ROUGH…

    Can someone get this girl some coffee?

  7. …And extremely tiring

    Little does she know she has hours of homework to do when she gets home.

  8. Did we mention the pure, utter exhaustion?

    kid on first day of school

    Wait until she realizes she has to do it all again tomorrow…and for years and years to come.

  9. It can really put you in a mood

    These two had a DAY.

  10. It can make you ponder the true meaning of life

    How many more days ’til Christmas vacation?

  11. It can make you feel totally wrecked

    Nothing like an incident that makes you come home with different clothes you came to school in.

  12. It can make you ponder the true meaning of life

    kid on first day of schoolBoredPanda

    Is this the real life? …Is this just fantasy?

  13. It’s not easy being a first grader

    There’s just so. much. playtime.

  14. Oh, the horror…

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE the the things she saw on her first day.

How hilarious are these before and after photos of kids on the first day of school? We’d love to see photos of your kids before and after they go and come home! Share your best photos in the comments.