Let’s hear it out for all of the first responders out there! These men and women are real-life superheroes in our eyes—each and every one deals with more stress in a day than most of us do in a year. And, even though emergency workers need to keep calm at all times, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun! Take this viral music video, for instance. Their moves will have you cheering!

The Rock County Department of Public Safety in Janesville, Wisconsin isn’t your average local government agency. For one, it provides groundbreaking programs to its residents, like Text-to-911, where callers in distress can send a text message from their phone. Pretty nifty, right?!

But, the group is also known for their more light-hearted fare: performing! Yep, these brave police officers, firefighters, and EMTs have the power to save lives AND boogie down! As part of a community outreach initiative, these footloose men and women made an absolutely tremendous music video version of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s smash hit “Uptown Funk.”

And, though these men and women in uniform don’t show off their vocal skills, (it is a lip dub video after all!) they sure do cut a rug.

The department decided to take to their very own streets to shoot their very special video; you can tell that they are so proud of their community. And, if you think about it, it’s not often that you see police officers and firefighters mingling under such carefree circumstances. We bet that they all had a blast together!

McGruff the Crime Dog (remember him?!) and Sparky the Fire Dog even make surprise appearances. Those fuzzy cuties almost give the humans in the video a run for their money. Almost! Who knew that doggy mascots could have such smooth dance moves?

McGruff and Sparky dancing with first respondersRock County Communications Center
And, the fun doesn’t stop there. The men and women of this department have posted many more hilarious videos that feature more of their comedy and lip dub skills to their various social media accounts. We’ve got to hand it to them—if they weren’t first responders, they could be performers! They’re all that good!

One of our favorite aspects of this video is how it closes. You see, the Rock County Department of Public Safety is full of givers, not takers, so it’s natural that its members would want to share the spotlight. We don’t know whose idea it was to bring in these very special guests, but we’ve got to hand it to them. It makes the viral video even more precious!

To see who these police officers, firefighters, and EMTs boogie down with at the end of “Uptown Funk,” click on their video below. They all must have had so much fun creating this!

What do you think of the Rock County Department of Public Safety’s video? Do you think that “Uptown Funk” was a good song choice? Do you have a story about a special first responder that you would like to share? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!