Firefighters Share 8 of the Most Crucial Home Safety Tips

Fire prevention and safety methods are something that we’re taught early, and managing a household means putting those lessons into practice. But it also helps to get sage advice from experts in the field, and in this case, that means firefighters.

Besides having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home, you probably have an emergency escape plan in place. To protect your family from fire hazards, there are some other things to be mindful of too.

With Fire Prevention Week beginning on October 7 this year, it’s a great time to highlight steps you can take to safeguard your home. These tips below come straight from firefighting professionals and are meant to increase your awareness on fire safety.

  1. Dryer Lint

    After each dryer cycle, – or each laundry day – make it a habit to clear out the lint filter in the machine so it doesn’t build up. Dirty lint traps are behind almost a third of dryer fires.

    The National Fire Protection Association, who lists “failure to clean” as the leading cause of washer and dryer fires, recommends clearing lint from around the drum and checking the exhaust vent for lint buildup too.

  2. Extension Cords

    Watch out for frayed or worn extension cords before plugging them in, and do not place cords under rugs or doorways. Extension cords should not be used to plug in large appliances, as those should be connected directly to outlets.

    Avoid stapling or piercing extension cords, as that can damage the wiring and ignite a fire. And remember they are meant for temporary use, whether indoors or outdoors. Extended and/or improper use can cause overheating.


  3. Fire Extinguisher

    We’ve seem them in buildings and perhaps at home, but how many of us know how to properly use a fire extinguisher? They are best used for small fires in a contained area. Pull the pin, aim it low and squeeze the lever.

  4. Candles

    This one may seem like common sense, but unattended candles account for a large number of home fires. Set them away from cluttered areas or from things that are flammable like curtains, clothing, or papers.

    Do not leave them burning when you’re not in the room or in a space where children are playing alone. Blow them out when unattended!

Get in step with more fire prevention measures by watching this entire video from Wochit. If you don’t already own at least one fire extinguisher, you can pick them up at home improvement stores, Amazon, or Walmart. It’s a good idea to have one on hand!

With so many holidays coming up, it is important to remind ourselves of the dangers of electrical fires, cooking fires, and candle-related accidents. If you have children in your home, educate them on fire safety habits and problem spots in your home. Most of all, be safe!

Have you ever had a scary run-in with a fire? Was it due to a household hazard on this list? What preventative measures do you have in place?