Personality is a funny thing. Some say that it’s merely a self-constructed entity used to help us sculpt an identity in the world. Others believe that we are born with them inside of us, that they are innate and unflappable. Personally speaking, we think it’s a bit of mixture of the two, something magical that comes about when the soul mingles and becomes influenced by its surroundings.

Poetic, right?

Well, what if we told you that there was a third option—and it has everything to do with your fingers. That’s right, some people believe, and more scientific evidence you’d ever dream of suggests, that the inner-workings of our personalities, our apexes and nuances, are written in a sort of code on our hands; that these traits can be discerned simply by observing the lengths of our fingers.

Ok, ok. We know. At this point, we’d like you to just hear us out on this one—and that means stop the eye-rolling!

Now, take a good look at your hands, then reference the information down below. The results matched up perfectly for us, and we have an inkling that they might for you, too…

  1. Your finger is as straight as a board

    If you have perfectly-straight pointers, then you are the epitome of a strong, independent person. Friends likely rely on you to be there for them in good times and in bad. And, though you may be empathetic, you have a hard time letting your guard down. Simply put, you are a rock!

  2. Your finger is on the pointier side

    So, your pointer is pointy, huh? If this is the case, you live your life to the fullest. You’re determined–once you set a goal, you meet it. Your one weak point is that you are loyal to a fault; sometimes, folks take advantage of your kindness, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You are no stranger to passion, are you?!

  3. Your finger is “knuckle-y”

    If your knuckles are prominently-featured on your pointer finger, then you are a “play by the rules” sort of person. You’re thoughtful, sweet, and would rather eat a bug than let down a friend. Sounds like we’d love to have you on our side any day!

Creepily accurate, right? Well, if you’re impressed by those results, check out what science has to say about your finger length

When your index finger is shorter than your ring finger

A 1998 study originally published in the medical journal Human Reproduction reveals that people who have index fingers that are shorter than their ring fingers were potentially exposed to more testosterone in the womb than others.

Heightened testosterone can be linked to a host of very specific personality traits, including increased endurance and a talent for solving puzzles. To take it even further, there’s even some evidence out there that suggests that females who are exposed to these high levels of testosterone in the womb are more likely to be attracted to partners of the same sex.

In fact, a UC Berkeley study found that there was a direct correlation between finger length and sexual orientation. Wow! That said, shorter pointers can also be indicative of some negative attributes; one report states that babies who are exposed to a higher than average amount of testosterone in the womb are more likely to cheat on their partners when they grow up. Random, but true!

When your index finger is longer than your ring finger

Now it’s time to turn this idea on its head. Those with this unique finger length pattern could have been exposed to less testosterone in the womb.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, many of their personality traits are simply the direct opposite of the ones listed above in the “higher testosterone” category. For instance, this group consists of serial monogamists who are more likely to be married than the other group—but it also comes with some surprises.

You see, researchers have found that those with lower levels of testosterone tend to have very sharp memories. Also, folks in this category may struggle with anxiety and depression more often than their shorter-fingered peers. Sound about right?

Whether or not you buy into the theories that have come out of the scientific studies, you have to admit that they certainly are intriguing! As we mentioned, we were startled to find some incredible similarities between the lengths of our fingers and our unique personality traits.

We’ve asked several friends and colleagues about their results, and it turns out that they were equally as impressed. Stuff like this makes us wonder whether there is a bigger connection between mind, body, soul—and science! —than we previously thought. Amazing stuff!

We’d love to hear your take on this unorthodox personality test. Do your fingers confirm anything about your personality? If so, do you think it is a coincidence, or something deeper? Do you know of any other personality tests that are similar to this?

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