Can You Find The Woman Hiding In This Painting?

German artist Jörg Düsterwald is a master at body painting which, if you’ve never heard of the medium, is exactly what it sounds like: using the human body as a canvas for paintings. Düsterwald, a native of Hameln, Germany, has been perfecting body artistry for 20 years and his social media channels are a delight for the eyes and mind.

But when the artist posted one photo, along with a challenge to “find the woman in the picture,” many of his followers struggled to figure out where the painted lady was hidden.

Düsterwald has created plenty of beautiful paintings that also act as a mind game, but this is probably one of his more difficult ones to crack. Let’s set the scene for you:

When you first look at the picture, you notice it’s a beautiful wall scene. There’s a tall, concrete wall with a wrought-iron gate, surrounded by trees which are seasonally shedding. All of the leaves, in gorgeous yellows and oranges, are scattered along the ground – and somewhere within the scenery is a woman, painted head-to-toe and cleverly disguised.

The challenge quickly evolved from “can you find the woman” to “can you find the woman in under five seconds.” Internet websites have been hailing anyone who can find the woman quickly (or at all) as someone who has a higher than usual IQ. We’re not sure what scientific evidence they have to back this claim up, but it IS pretty hard to find the hidden woman!

Have you found her yet? We won’t spoil it for you if you wanted to keep searching, but make sure to share this if you’ve found the hidden woman.

Check out a few more of Düsterwald’s pieces from this series, which celebrates all things autumn in the beautiful forests of Lower Saxony in Germany. And, of course, each one featured the same model (whose name is Nadine) who’s been camouflaged to blend seamlessly into the fall backgrounds.

Honestly, this one was tricky for us! It took us a second look-over to find where she was hiding in this autumnal scene. Here’s a hint: she’s not blending into what she’s ON, but what she’s in FRONT of.

Another tree-related trick of the eye! This one might not be as tricky as the one that really blew up online, but it’s still a gorgeous scene and a fun mind game.

Make sure to check out Düsterwald’s website for more gorgeous body art and mind-boggling pictures!