Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a banker, or even a rocket scientist, it’s safe to say that every once in a while, we all have one of those work days when we can’t find ANYTHING. For us, it’s usually something simple, like our reading glasses or our favorite coffee mug, but for one Canadian farmer, it’s a herd of sheep!

Liezel Kennedy of Pilgrim Farms in Shamrock, Saskatchewan has quite the daily routine. She wakes up knowing that she has to feed, clean up after, and wrangle over 550 sheep—ewes to be exact—for her “holistically-managed” agricultural business.

It’s quite the task, considering each and every one of these cute, fluffy animals has a mind of her own. And though ewes aren’t necessarily known for being troublemakers, they do tend to cause some confusion—especially in the wintertime.

Just take a look at the image above. As we mentioned, this photo encompasses Kennedy’s entire herd of 550 sheep. To us, the image looks like a frosty pasture dotted with clumps of tall grass. It’s a breathtaking sight, but it’s also a confounding one. Where the heck are those sheep?

Even the herder herself seemed confused. On her Facebook page, Kennedy posted the now-viral shot along with this caption:

Could hardly find my sheep this morning!

Now, if you know anything about us, you are already well aware of our love of brain teasers. In the past, we’ve shared images of hiding cats, snakes (eek!), body-paint-clad models, and even a cartoon panda. When it came to visual puzzles like these, we always liked to think that our spotting skills were on point.

That said, we probably spent a good 10 minutes on this particular one before throwing our hands up and clicking that zoom button.

We know, we know, it’s not necessarily something that we are proud of, but we knew that if we didn’t find them, those tricky ewes would keep us up at night. Who knew that “counting sheep” could disrupt a person’s sleep cycle?!

Once we zoomed… and zoomed… and then zoomed some more, we were met with this glorious sight:

The sheep! For some reason, we were looking for the ladies in the foreground, near the patches of ice and snow, but as it turns out, the ewes didn’t have their ultra-fluffy “winter coats” on just yet. Mission accomplished!

More sneaky sheep

Believe it or not, it seems as though ewes hiding in plain sight is quite the epidemic. A hidden sheep hashtag (#hiddensheep) is actually a THING on Instagram. Here’s another bonus mind-boggler to keep you up at night:

Can you see them now?

Who knew that a herd of sheep could be so chameleon-like? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these incredible, camouflaged animals! Were you able to spot the sheep just by looking at the first photo? Do you have any #hiddensheep shots of your own? Do you own any animals that love to hide in plain sight?