As much money as you pay for your precious iPhone, it’s a pain to misplace it. It happens on occasion when you forgetfully leave it somewhere, it slides into the couch cushions, or the kids drain it until it can’t speak anymore.

You frantically call it from a different phone but realize it’s not making an audible sound. Teetering between panic and anger, you calm yourself enough to hatch a seek-and-recover mission. Knowing it’s either in silent or vibrate mode, you need a strategy.

We’d love to help. Since we love a good reunion in these parts, we’re listing a few tricks to help you solve the caper of your lost, silenced phone. Those of you who can relate, take notes and keep things close.

  1. Find My iPhone

    You’re probably familiar with using the app version in the event of a loss or theft, but it comes in handy when at home too! Log into from a computer and select “Find My iPhone”. This is separate from the app but works the same.

    Select your phone from the list and then tap “Play Sound”. Your phone will play a tone whether it’s on vibrate or silent and continue to do so until you pick it up. If you were fortunate enough to enable the “Send Last Location” feature before the debacle, you can track down your phone whether it’s dead or alive.

  2. Apple Watch Ping

    Open the “Control Center” on your Apple watch and click on the iPhone ping icon. It looks like a phone with vibrations surrounding it. Listen out for the ping!

  3. Portable Speakers

    You’ll need to create some crackly white noise to find your phone. Call it up while playing music from some portable speakers and walk around until you pick up the sound of static. Your phone should be in the vicinity.

  4. Engage Siri

    Simply call out your friend Siri’s name and wait for her to respond. You’ll have to say, “Hey Siri”, and either keep a conversation going until you find your phone or just listen.

  5. LED Setting

    This one is best for people who are habitual phone losers. To prepare for the next time you misplace it, activate the LED notification light. Go to your settings and you’ll find the option on the accessibility menu. Turn on “LED Flash for Alerts” and also tap on “Flash on Silent”. Anytime a notification comes in, your light will flash like a homing beacon.

Misplacing your phone isn’t as bad as having it stolen, breaking it, or losing it forever, but it can still drive you crazy. With these tips, the only thing you’ll have to worry about now is how long it takes you to realize it’s actually missing.

And instead of having everyone stop what they’re doing to launch a search party, you can claim all the credit yourself!

How often do you have to track down your lost iPhone? What’s the longest it’s ever taken you to find it? Have you tried any of these tricks before?