What’s worse than a hangry person at a buffet? Multiple hangry people at a buffet! Police had to intervene at an Alabama restaurant buffet when a fight broke out over crab legs.

It just so happened that Officer Gerald Johnson had just sat down to eat his meal at the Meteor Buffet in Huntsville when he heard a commotion coming from the line. The sound of dueling tongs and breaking plates caught his attention and he said a woman was beating a man.

According to the officer, people were waiting in line for at least 10 minutes for servers to bring out another batch of crab legs. When they were brought out, a group of customers began complaining about people cutting the line, and a physical fight ensued between two people: John Chapman and Chequita Jenkins.

Listen to Officer Johnson describe the scene and how impatience, hunger, and tempers took over. After the pandemonium ended, both ended up being arrested, though only Chapman was injured.

Click below to hear what these customers were charged with and how much trouble they could have avoided. As the newscaster points out, now they’ll be on the hook for way more than a $10.50 plate of food.

Do you frequent buffets and see disputes like this all the time? What’s your worst buffet experience? Your thoughts on this fencing match over food?