Have you recently walked past an image of Santa Claus (it’s hard not to do that 100 times a day during the holiday season!) and thought to yourself: “That guy should really switch things up?” After all, the big guy in red has pretty much looked exactly the same for the last century or so!

If you have ever had those thoughts, know that you’re not alone. The Graphic Springs, a graphic design and branding firm, conducted a survey on the subject of Santa’s looks; the questionnaire included 400 individuals living in the US and UK. According to the company, a staggering 27% said that Kris Kringle should be portrayed as a woman or gender neutral, with 10% voting for a female Santa and 17% voting for a gender-neutral one.

The Graphic Springs survey also unearthed a load of pretty random style preferences that some folks have in regards to Santa:

  • 18% surveyed said that Santa should change up his hairstyle
  • 23% said he should use Amazon Prime
  • 21% said he should go on a diet
  • 18% said he should rock a pair of skinny jeans
  • 17% said he should ride a hoverboard
  • 25% said he should trade in his slippers for sneakers
  • 22% said he should drive a flying car
  • 20% said he should get some ink
  • 23% said he should get an iPhone

Wow, who knew that people had such specific opinions about Santa? Maybe the jolly, old guy should consider an image update after all!

To learn even more about this survey, be sure to watch the video below. A female or gender neutral Santa may be in our future, folks!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this holiday-themed survey. Do you think Santa should be portrayed as female or gender neutral? Are you surprised that such a large percentage of people are calling for a change? What other Christmas traditions should receive an update?