Egg salad is one those perfect summer side dishes — except for the annoyance of chopping and peeling all those eggs! It’s not that difficult, it’s just a lot of time for what, really, should be a quick and easy food. We’ve already shared some great, fast ways to peel hard-boiled eggs, but what about the next step? Well, Food and Wine has the most brilliant answer.

For those egg salad novices out there, the next step to making your traditional egg salad is dicing your peeled eggs. Depending on how many people you’re making egg salad for (it’s likely a large number, since this is such a great side for picnics and barbeques) you could be stuck tediously dicing a dozen eggs or more.

The eggs themselves are difficult to cut — being so slippery and round — but talk about a time consuming step in general.

Well, not any more! Thanks to acclaimed chef Jamie Bissonnette, Food & Wine picked up an extremely clever trick that makes this tedious task an absolute breeze. All it requires is a simple baking rack, or cooling rack.

Food & Wine’s tip master, Justin Chapple, took Bissonnette’s trick to the kitchen to test it out. With a dozen hard boiled eggs all peeled, a large glass bowl, and a cooling rack, he prepared to try out this time-saving hack for himself.

All he had to do was put a cooling rack over the top of the glass bowl. Next, he took one peeled egg, placed it on the grates of the rack, and pushed down with the palm of his hand.

In a split second, the egg fell through the grates, diced into small, manageable pieces. It’s a GENIUS hack and it really, truly works!

Justin managed to dice all dozen eggs using this trick in under a minute, which is pretty impressive. He then went on to make the most mouthwatering egg salad we’ve ever seen, with a technique almost as easy this slicing, dicing hack.

To see this Food & Wine approved recipe, make sure to watch the video below! Then make sure to comment on this brilliant cooking hack and share any tricks you have up your sleeve in the comments section below.