One thing that’s true about shows like American Idol and The X Factor is that you never know who is going to be a star and who isn’t. You really just can’t tell by looking at the contestants what talent they may or may not possess.

For example, during American Idol auditions, one 16-year-old blew the judges away so much that they really found it hard to believe that she was only 16. While she got a jump start on her dreams with a ticket to Hollywood, other singers aren’t lucky enough to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams at a young age.

Jacqueline Faye competed on The X Factor at 53 years old. She told the judges that she’s from Oxfordshire, England, and that she lives on a farm with her husband. She’s usually at home taking care of the animals on the farm.

As she started listing the types of animals on the farm, the audience was laughing. They probably wondered why on earth a farmer was standing on the stage.

However, when Jacqueline mentioned that her husband was at home taking care of the animals for her so that she could compete, the audience cheered. They definitely appreciated a husband supporting his wife’s dreams.

Then it was time for Jacqueline to show the judges, the audience and the world that she could do much more than take care of farm animals. She chose to sing Cilla Black’s “You’re My World.”

Jacqueline looked nervous before she started singing. She even admitted to the judges that she was nervous, but she didn’t let her nerves get the better of her.

From the time Jacqueline started singing, the judges perked up, clearly surprised at the amazing voice the woman standing before them possessed.

We can only assume that Jacqueline gained confidence as she saw the reactions of the judges and the audience. We could barely even hear the last note of the song over the audience’s loud cheers. She looked thrilled at the standing ovation she received.

Simon Cowell even admitted that he had misjudged her. He said, “As you walked out I’m kind of thinking to myself maybe you’ve walked on to the wrong show by mistake. And I’m thinking this isn’t going to be great… and then you were.”

Watch Jacqueline’s amazing performance in the video below.

Are you surprised by Jacqueline’s performance? Do you know any other farmers who can sing like that?