Jason was shopping for some tools at Lowe’s when Oprah’s producers first saw him. And they stopped DEAD in their tracks. With his baggy overalls, bleach-blonde bushy beard, and ragged camo cowboy hat, they could not believe their eyes. No joke, they thought he was wearing a “Halloween costume”. So, as Oprah does, she had her team give Jason an all-over makeover! The transformation is UNBELIEVABLE, you have to check it out!

Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Diana Schmidtke really worked their magic on Jason. They gave him a snappy new wardrobe (that still holds true to his Southern cowboy style) and, best of all, a great haircut! With that beard gone, you can see Jason is a VERY attractive man. My goodness.

Best of all, Jason reported that, “he feels great” about how he looks. He says he has a whole new feeling of confidence post-makeover, which must be an amazingly freeing feeling. Just a little bit of the Oprah magic. Oh, Oprah, how we miss you.