You Have to Watch This Farmer’s Hilarious Barn-Themed Viral Dance Video

Videos go viral for a reason. Some feature adorable babies or cute dogs or cringeworthy fails, but we have a serious sweet spot for any that involve dancing! So, in honor of the people who choose to share their moves with the world, today we are presenting one of our favorites. Spoiler alert: It involves a jovial farmer dancing his heart out to his beloved animals!

The video starts off with the farmer inadvertently giving the curious sheep a bit of scare with his broom—you know, “farmerly” activities. Then, just when you think that you couldn’t be put asleep any faster, the clip takes a strange turn. It transforms from a voyeuristic bird’s eye view of the life of an agriculturalist to a bangin’ dance v”ideo.

Yup, you heard that right—farmers don’t have to be relegated to sweeping hay and cultivating crops, they can let loose, too. And this guy is really good at it—trust us!

For this particular video, the farmer has chosen Sia’s hit “Cheap Thrills.” It’s a song that’s all about letting loose, and it’s obvious that he has taken her words to heart.

The guy’s got a variety of moves that he shows off, including lots of jazz hands, some first-rate “dad dancing,” a G-rated striptease, and even some salsa-influenced hip shaking towards the end. Even if you’re not digging his moves, you got to admit that the dancing styles come straight from his heart!

So, just who is this enigmatic hay-sweeper anyways? Well, luckily Ellen DeGeneres was able to snag an interview with him after his video went viral and, believe it or not, dancing is just a little piece in the big puzzle that is his life. Simply put, the clip’s star—Jay Lavery—is a very interesting guy!

The Sharon Springs, New York resident tells Ellen at the top of their conversation that he actually plays music in his barn—everything from hip hop to even classical—in order to calm his animals when the winter weather gets nasty. He goes on to explain that “his barn is really cold” and the dancing helps him warm up. Well, whatever works!

If you didn’t think this story could get any better, then you’re wrong! Lavery’s connection with dance goes even deeper than what’s on the surface. He tells the talk show host that he suffered a back injury about 15 years before he hit viral stardom.

He tearfully explains, “Yeah, I injured my back and never thought that I could dance again, so to be able to move and not have to do the pain medicine is great…” How amazing is that?!

To see Lavery jivin’ to the music for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. We seriously have to give this guy some props—he can make even doing farm chores look like fun!

What do you think of Jay Lavery’s Sia tribute? Do you know any footloose farmers? What’s your favorite move from his repertoire? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!