Why This Weather Channel Reporter Was Criticized for “Faking It” During Coverage of Hurricane Florence

The brutal impact of Hurricane Florence has been covered by a barrage of weather broadcasters and other media giants. We’ve all been watching the nonstop coverage of floodwaters, rescues, high winds, and damage.

Certain parts of the Carolinas have been hammered while surrounding areas have fared only slightly better. Although the hurricane was eventually downgraded to a tropical storm, it hasn’t stopped reporters from hitting the trenches to show us just how powerful Florence has been.

But The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel stepped the drama up a notch by faking it in Wilmington, North Carolina. How so? He’s seen in this clip struggling to maintain his balance in what looks like extremely windy conditions.

However, if you watch closely, the camera pans out to capture two pedestrians in the background. Check out the whole thing here:

They are taking a casual stroll through the street – in shorts, mind you – as the reporter rocks back and forth in the foreground, trying to maintain a foothold on the ground. All the while, he’s explaining to the viewers how dangerously fast the gusty winds are blowing.

Online reactions were swift, with viewers pointing out how easily the guys in the background are moving around.  It’s earned Seidel nothing but mockery in return for his mockery. Most of us are aware that Wilmington got hit hard, but you have to admit, the video is hilarious.

The clip has been viewed over one million times, spawning funny comments and memes. As for The Weather Channel’s response to the outcry, click below to hear their position.

Did you see this reporter’s faux pas when he was live on air? What is your reaction? Do you think he should be sent out for future storm coverage?