Ever heard of a fairy garden? If you haven’t, fairy gardens are the new spring trend this year, becoming very popular with gardeners everywhere – especially those with kids! The idea of the fairy garden is setting up a little setting where the “fairies” can live using outside ceramic decor pieces. This can mean anything from a whole little town (complete with a post office and a grocery store) or just a pretty little area the fairies and your kids can play in. We personally love this fairy garden shared with us by Clutter Bug – she set up a whole adorable little fairy town, and her and her kids love it! Watch the video to see how she took her gross-looking weed patch and turned it into a fun, cute little garden area.

This is SO cute! I can see why her kids can’t get out of the fairy garden, it looks like the perfect place to let their imaginations run wild!

With some basic ground cover that she put over the weed spot, this mom covered the once boring area in a whole town of houses – all of which she purchased for cheap online. Even those Christmas town houses would do the trick in this case! They also have a lot of shops on websites like Etsy that specifically make fairy garden settings, so if you wanted something really specific you could find it there.

We love the sign that the kids made for the garden, too! Just another fun way to get the kids involved with the garden. And as your little town expands, you can add more signs!

This fairy garden is MAGICAL. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, we really encourage you to! This is an inexpensive and adorably creative way to fill up some of the blank spots in your yard.