If you have a strong dislike of feet, look away now. If seeing pictures of strange body parts doesn’t bother you at all, well, pour yourself a cup of anything and prepare to feast your eyes on this.

A Taiwanese student posted pictures of her abnormally long toes on the web, sparking a humorous discussion about their length. She chose to stay anonymous, but remarked that as a young child, she always thought her toes were normal because her parents had long toes.

It wasn’t until she got older that she realized that she was the odd one out. A photo of her feet confused web gazers into thinking they were hands. But the side-by-side image of one hand and one foot is by far the biggest standout.

At 4 feet (insert pun), 11 inches in height, the young lady had a hard time understanding her toes’ origins. Her second toe measures an astounding two inches!

Her original post was written in Chinese on an online college-oriented site, Dcard, and the Daily Mail translated these parts:

“Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops. [People] would surround me and discuss about me as if I were an animal. [I] have even been told that I hadn’t evolved properly. Some people would ask me to use my ‘four hands’ to climb a tree.”

But the woman has learned to love the uniqueness of her feet and highlighted how many things she can do with her toes. That includes tiptoeing with ease and locking her digits in a snug embrace.

In her studies on the rarity of her piggies, she also dug into the meanings of foot shapes and personality traits. She shared that she belongs in the category of “Greek feet”, which denotes beauty, leadership, and creativity. Watch this short clip below to hear more about these unusual tootsies!

What was your first reaction to seeing these feet? Do you have extremely long or short toes? Do you know if you have Greek feet?