Though DIY and decorating is kind of our “thing”, we’ll be the first ones to admit that making aesthetic changes to a home can be a trying and sometimes expensive process. And while dropping a big chunk of change on a room makeover can be gratifying in its own special way, in our experience the most affective transformations come from the simplest alterations.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a common room component that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as we think it deserves—curtains! Unless you are a complete minimalist, we bet you utilize them in every room. We love switching ours up with the changes in seasons, as they can really add some mood to each space.

While we used to focus exclusively on color and pattern, we recently tried out a trick that really added a casual touch to our living room.

extra long purple curtainsWest Elm

Looks pretty sophisticated, huh? To achieve this look on your own, just make sure to add an extra 1 to 3 inches the next time you are getting ready to hem your new curtains. That’s literally all there is to it!


Don’t skimp

Though we love some of the less-costly curtain hacks out there, we do have to say that this is not the time to repurpose an old bed sheet. The reason for this is that while your intended outcome may be a “Sunday morning, easy-breezy” look, extra-long curtains do tend to amplify wrinkles and imperfections.

Because of this, we advise you to choose your curtain fabric wisely. Pooling works best on textiles that have a bit of structure to them, like dupioni or organza. If you want to go for a material that has a bit more flow, then try a silk crepe or a chiffon.

While there certainly are other options out there that may work well for you, just be sure that your chosen fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily or have a lot of weight too it.


Why you should add an inch (or two!) to all hanging fabrics

If this idea of adding inches sounds intriguing to you, then don’t just stop with your curtains—attempt this hack on all of your hanging fabrics, like your tablecloths, bed skirts, slip covers, and even shower curtains.

Straying away from traditional, ultra-tapered drape lengths will give your home a “beachier”, more relaxed feel. Food52 makes the good point that pooling fabric “makes things feel cozy and homey rather than austere.” As a bonus, the site also points out that extra-long options allow imperfections, like sloping floors, to be easily concealed.

Nevertheless, before you get a little too trigger happy, do keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily a look that you will want to try on EVERY item as it can, when overused, give your room an unkempt appearance.

Walking that fine line between “shabby chic” and just “shabby” can be a bit tricky but, with a bit of experimentation, we think you’ll be able to master this fun design inspiration on your own.

To see even more examples of this chic idea, be sure to check out the post by our friends over at Food52 here. Further proof that the smallest changes can make the biggest impacts!

What do you think of the look of long drapes? Have you tried this in your home? If so, were you happy with the results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!