There really is such a thing as magical hangers. Maybe you’ve heard whispers about them while watching your favorite home makeover show? Seriously, we didn’t believe in them at first but after hearing so many professional organizers extol the virtues of the right type of hanger, we had to explore. Winners: slack hangers. Are the clothes in your closet battling for space like it’s rush hour on a New York subway? Where space is limited or a clutter war is imminent, tapping into the realm of specialty hangers can bring peace. Upping your hanger game can help you upgrade your closet without needing to hire a closet organizer or contractor.


Thanks to insider tips from Howdini’s professional organizer, we have been introduced to a set of products that are super popular in the industry. Known for their ability to save space and protect garments, the hangers mentioned in the video below will put your plain wire hangers to shame. Three types have been narrowed down to help get you on the road to closet recovery.

1. The thin, soft, velvet covered ones keep your clothes from slipping, and have notches in the design for items with straps. A variety of brands exist:

Image of soft grip, slim hanger.Howdini
2. Open ended slack hangers – our favorite – combine easy access with super space-saving abilities. You will find no wasted inches above, below, or next to these babies and your pants will slide off the hanger with ease:

Space saving slack or pants hanger.Howdini
3. Skirt hangers with clips also prevent slipping, which in turn stops the unsightly pileup on your closet floor. Add-on hooks allow for multiple items to be hung together:

Image of skirt hanger with rubber clips and hook.Howdini
What you’ll notice when you use these is that it will force you to create a system for hanging your clothes and accessories. For those of you who are working with a freestanding wardrobe or rack, you can maximize your storage by using magical hangers and other novel strategies.

Here’s a list of closet techniques that can aid in saving time, space, and energy:

  1. Separate your clothes by season, type, color, or length.
  2. Use uniform hangers that are coded by color or type, coupled with the clothing type.
  3. Always remove dry cleaning from the plastic covering and swap out the wire hanger.
  4. Hang long dresses and gowns together in one section of the closet.
  5. Using slack hangers will increase your floor space, so you can place shoes, boots, or shelving underneath.
  6. Sort pants with like colors (e.g. dark suit slacks, jeans) to locate them easily.
  7. Flip hangers in the opposite direction to indicate what you want to get rid of at the end of the season.

If your wardrobe looks like the aftermath of a Black Friday sale, then you need help. Run out and grab some of these hangers and reap the benefits of organization. With a refined closet space, you can make room for all your new purchases and help your teenage daughter commandeer your favorite dress with ease. Adding these methods to your roster of other clothes organizing routines can keep all the closets in your home organized. Have you ever tried specialty hangers? Can you think of various ways to use them? Share your ideas!