If you like to bake, then chances are you turn into Susie Homemaker around the holidays. There’s just something about this time of year that makes baking go to the top of everyone’s to-do list.

Maybe it’s the insane amount of holiday recipes you can find on Pinterest (or TipHero), or the amount of cookie swaps you’re invited to. While eating cookies all season doesn’t necessarily do any favors for our waistline, it’s fine to indulge during the festive, fun time of year.

Well, except in sweet treats you don’t actually like. We won’t lie, there are some cookies out there that are just flat out bad and we have no idea why they’re even popular at all.

If you actually like these cookies then, well, you’re probably lying. Here are the worst holiday cookies to ever exist:

  1. Fruitcake cookies

    No one likes fruitcake, and no one likes fruitcake cookies either. The jellied fruit is enough to make us gag, not only because it tastes terrible, but because it actually never really expires or goes bad. So you don’t even know if these cookies were made with last year’s fruitcake bits! Gross.

  2. Molasses cookies

    Does anyone else think molasses taste like tar? We’re already loaded up on sugar for the holidays, why did we substitute the white stuff here with weird jellylike syrup?

  3. Gingerbread cookies

    Unless you’re a professional artist, gingerbread cookies probably never come out how you actually want them to. And if they come out really terrible, we know it was your little ones who took their (sticky, snotty, dirty) fingers to it. So let’s just not and say we did on the gingerbread cookies, shall we?

  4. Biscotti

    We know, we know. Biscotti tastes great dunked in coffee. We agree. But when you compare it to all the other holiday cookies out there, it just doesn’t even come close. Seriously, bite your standard holiday sugar cookie and then take a bite of biscotti. Tastes like a cracker now, doesn’t it?

  5. Jam thumbprint cookies

    Does anyone actually enjoy the sticky jam part of a thumbprint? It totally takes away from the rest of the cookie, plus it sticks to your teeth and roof of your mouth and usually tastes reminiscent of cherry cough syrup. No thank you.

  6. Peppermint cookies

    Sure, peppermint is festive for the holidays, but can we leave it to the candy canes to provide that flavor? It doesn’t belong in a cookie.

  7. Stained glass cookies

    These might look impressive, but the taste is far worse than the amount of effort that goes into making these. The middle is a melted Jolly Rancher (or other sticky candy), squeezed smack dab in the middle of a sugar cookie. Besides tasting terrible, you’ll probably chip a tooth when trying to eat these (really, really) bad boys.

  8. Persimmon cookies

    These are especially wretched if you take a bite and thought you were biting into a chocolate cookie. There are just way too many flavors going on here.

  9. Danish butter cookies

    And finally, these rich buttery cookies that come in a festive tin and you didn’t even bake yourself. What a cop out!

Do you actually like any of these kinds of cookies? What’s your absolute least favorite holiday cookie out there?