Ever Wonder Why You Shouldn’t Put Out A Grease Fire With Water? Watch This

It should be the first thing we’re taught when learning to cook— do not put out a grease fire with water. Have you ever wondered what happens when water and grease fire meet? The Slow Mo Guys are here to show us and remind us why this information is so important. Don’t try this at home.

So what should you do instead? If the fire is large and/or spreading to other parts of your kitchen, or if you feel like you can’t handle it yourself, call 911 and get out. If the grease fire is small and contained, here’s how to put it out yourself:

  1. Put on some oven mitts to protect your hands.
  2. Turn off the flame and/or heat source.
  3. Smother the flames by placing a pot lid over the fire. Do not use glass lids.
  4. Place a cookie sheet over the lid.
  5. If the fire persists or you can’t safely get to your lids, throw some baking soda on it.
  6. As a last resort, use a chemical fire extinguisher. Just be aware it can contaminate your kitchen.
  7. Allow everything to cool completely before touching the pot or your stovetop.