You Can Now Buy a Cross Between and an Evening Gown and a Puffy Winter Coat and We’re a Bit Confused

High fashion can sometimes be a bit, well, subjective, to say the least. At least to us common folk. When we watch models strut the runway in outfits that look like they were created by a 5-year-old, we can’t help but scratch our heads and wonder “How is this fashion?”

Our point was made even more clear by fashion brand Moncler when they introduced their new “puffer coat”—you know, your puffy winter jacket.

That would be fine if they left it like that, except it’s shaped like a dress. And not just any dress, like a ball gown style dress. The down-qulited long puffer dress, as they call it, basically your winter coat meets evening gown.

We can understand maybe combining a dress and a sweater? Or a dress and a vest? But puffer coats aren’t made to look stylish—they’re made to keep you warm in the winter. So why would anyone turn this into a dress? We’re confused.

What’s even more confusing is the price of this piece of clothing. The puffer coat dress will run you a whopping $2,710!

Instead of having a one-piece puffer piece of clothing you put on, the puffer dress features a long bubble skirt and a sleeveless top. The dress comes in a limited size range of just 00-1 available at Barney’s.

Well sure, because if you have an inch of skin on you, this would probably be uncomfortable, we’d imagine.

The puffer dress is made from a “lacquered-effect tech fabric” and comes in both pink and blue colors.

There are also matching puffer-style accessories to jazz up the dress, but these are sold separately. Take these puffer sleeves/gloves that go up to your elbows, which costs an extra $1,500.

The company has also come out with a “puffer cape,” which is just what you’d imagine—it’s right in between a normal puffer jacket and the puffer dress, but instead, it’s in cape form. This one is even more expensive, coming in at $3,565.

Additionally, Moncler also has an actual puffer jacket, so if you’d like to add to the madness and wear it over your puffer dress, now’s your chance. This one will run you an additional $2,140 and also comes in a size 2, in addition to 00, 0, and 1.

Their long puffer jackets are also really nice and are sure to keep you warm in the cold—but again, we wish they would’ve stopped there!

View the entire puffer collection, which is sold at Barney’s.

Of course, there are celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Ezra Miller and Millie Bobby Brown who have already begun strutting the puffer dress (and honestly, it looks great on them)—but as you can imagine, there are some varying opinions to this dress.

For instance, “It looks like a life savior guard, jump into the pool after a party night, and you’ll still survive,” said Heena Patel, a scriptwriter for short films.

What’s your opinion on the puffer dress? Would you ever wear this, or do you think it was designed just for fashionistas and celebrities?