Bride Gets Her Dream First Dance With Her Husband

Little kids around the world dream about their wedding day for years and years, sometimes going as far as to plan their big day decades before it happens. I know my little sister would draft sketches of what she wanted her dress to look like, come up with flower arrangements and color palettes…at age five. But she was certainly not alone in her preemptive planning! Future brides and grooms everywhere picture special aspects of their big day, including excited bride-to-be Alysha Wheeler. Alysha has had one part of her special day planned since she was a little girl: her first dance with her husband.

The first dance is such a special moment and it’s something that modern couples have had a lot of fun with! Medleys and flash mobs have taken the internet by storm in the last decade or so, allowing newlyweds to plan some fun into what is usually a cut-and-dry slow dance.

And Alysha always wanted that one-of-a-kind dance. She was never satisfied with the idea of a “normal” routine; as a life-long dancer, she wanted something big, something elaborate, and something fun for her and her future husband to perform for their guests.

Well, in 2010 Alysha married her Prince Charming, Johnny. The couple looks absolutely blissful together and hopefully has found over six years of happiness since their big day! But there was one little snafu leading up to the wedding – Johnny couldn’t dance. And considering that choreographer Alysha had been planning their exquisite first dance for over twenty years, that wasn’t going to fly.

Rather than panic as Johnny struggled to learn the complicated dance routine, the couple decided to do something fun instead. They recorded the sessions leading up to the big dance, hilariously documenting the struggle of the process in a Dancing With the Stars-type format.

Johnny poses during their funny dance video.Alysha Wheeler
The two have a great sense of humor and we love that they could laugh at themselves throughout this tough process! It makes for some very enjoyable watching for us, that’s for sure.

In the video, Johnny confesses that he is not at all a dancer and is terrified at the fact that he now has to learn this “ridiculous dance” where he has to learn how to “waltz, tango, salsa, paso doble, square dance, and break dance.” (Pretty sure he was joking about those last two.) You can already tell that hilarity is going to ensue. What follows is the couple jokingly bickering over the complicated steps, which is all set over some funny tunes and interjected with jokingly dramatic commentary from both the bride and groom.

As tough as this process obviously was for both of them (especially Johnny) they obviously had fun doing it and fun with each other! And that’s really what’s important when you get down to it.

And how did the first dance come out, despite the struggle? Amazing, of course!

The couple seamlessly transition from a lovely waltz to a sexy tango, eventually ending in an incredibly fun flash mob with Alysha’s bridesmaids. Their movements are sharp, they’re totally in sync with one another, and the crowd is eating it up! We would just like to say that Johnny came a LONG way – he looked fantastic! The entire dance was well-done and looked like a ton of fun.

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