We know (and love…or love to hate) Shark Tank for its entrepreneurial bluntness. Business owners give their sales pitch to some of the best (and richest) businessmen and women in the world to see if they’ll invest in their business.

And they don’t call them sharks for nothing. The potential investors are brutally honest, explaining with zero hesitation why they will or will not invest.

However, sometimes the entrepreneurs that come on the show have a tear-jerking story to tell about their product and how they got there. But we’ve never—ever—heard a story more gut-wrenching that the one from Kaley Young, 24, Christian Young, 20, and Keira Young, 15.

The three were the children of Keith Young, a New York City fireman and chef, who invented the Cup Board Pro in 2010. The Cup Board Pro is a cutting board that works double duty to collect the debris from whatever you’re chopping—from onion shavings to drippings and more, the idea is to make for easy cleanup and being more time-efficient in the kitchen.

Sadly, after being on hospice, Keith passed away just a few months before the children appeared on the show from an underlying illness related to working at Ground Zero on 9/11. His children wanted to continue the legacy and fulfill his dream of getting a deal on Shark Tank.

If that’s not sad enough, we soon learn that the three children have also lost their mother to breast cancer. Around the time he invented it, the mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2012, she passed away.

Keith had a hard time continuing with his invention after that, but was selected to be on Food Network’s “Chopped.” He did go on the show, even going on to win two separate times. That’s what made him pick back p the work on the cutting board.

It was their father’s dream to have the Cup Board Pro in kitchens all over the world, and the three were passionate about continuing his legacy.

After sharing their story with the sharks, there truly wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner listened to the moving story and wiped tears from their eyes as they listened to all the information unfold.

However, the premise of the show is to make money, and sharks are the last people to offer up the green stuff unless they really believed in the product. And with such a hot product, they usually spend the majority of the show trying to one-up each other to get a deal.

However, through tears, the sharks all decided to band together on this one, each offering to contribute $20,000 (for a total $100,000) for 20 percent of the business. They also said that any profits they earn would be given to a charity of their father’s choice that helps firemen who fell ill after 9/11.

Could there be any more things in this pitch to make us cry? We don’t think so. Check the whole thing out below, and try not to sob.

There isn’t a dry eye in the Tank after this moving ‘Shark Tank’ pitch from CNBC.

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