Watch This Orangutan React To a Pregnant Woman

No matter what species you come from, motherhood is a spectacular thing. The miracle of life is one that translates across all creatures, whether you’re a dog, a human, or an ape, apparently. This was clearly proven true by the emotional reaction this orangutan had when he saw this pregnant mother’s baby bump. When this mother-to-be went to a local zoo for a day trip, she obviously had no idea that she would get to share this special moment with this majestic creature.

When this future mom was at the orangutan enclosure, her eyes caught on one particularly big, beautiful ape; he was staring right back at her. Suddenly, he became fixated on her baby bump, to the point where he clearly felt compelled to draw near the glass to get a better look.

After staring for some time, the orangutan begins to touch the baby bump from the behind the glass! It’s one of the sweetest sights we’ve ever seen. He ever rubs the bump gently, like he knows exactly what’s inside of this woman and how beautiful it’s going to be. The orangutan seems to be getting emotional just from the thought, it’s like we can feel his emotions through his movements. We might have some language barriers, but when it comes to basic elements of life like this? We all speak the same language.

The mother is clearly hypnotized by what the orangutan is doing, she looks so happy with a big beaming grin on her face. We can’t blame her! This is such a special moment that she gets to witness; it’s really the connection we have with other species, illustrated right in this moment. She’s clearly moved by the orangutan’s emotional response – it even looks like the gorgeous animal is tearing up from the sight of this unborn baby.

All of a sudden, the orangutan bows his head down, then sits up and kisses the baby bump right from the other side of the glass with his huge mouth! As if this situation couldn’t get any cuter, he had to go and do that.

We hope you teared up at this beautiful sight like we did! What a touching moment caught on camera, one that this mom will be able to tell her baby about for years to come.

Thanks to LittleThings for this incredible video.