Emmy Winner Steals the Show With Surprise Live Proposal

Last night’s 70th Annual Emmy Awards was one of the best awards shows that we’ve seen in a long time! It was filled with some hilarious moments–and also some pretty big surprise winners!–but there was nothing more surprising than what happened when winner, Glenn Weiss, used his acceptance speech stage time to propose to his longtime girlfriend.

Weiss won the Best Director for a Variety Special Emmy for his work on this year’s Academy Awards. Though the director is not a household name, he is a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry. So much so, in fact, it seems that he might have had a hunch that he would be accepting a gold statue that night.

Why did we come to that conclusion? Well, the famed director walked onto the stage with an engagement ring in his pocket and a speech that focused on showering his girlfriend, entertainment veteran, Jan Svendsen, with plenty of love and affection.

Now, we’re not just talking your normal “love and affection,” we’re taking “standing on a stage in front of tens of millions of viewers and proposing, love and affection.”

The moment, which brought the entire audience to its feet, was filled with plenty of drama–clearly, Weiss’ award win was well-deserved. After all, the man ended up orchestrating the most memorable moment in the entire show and he wasn’t even directing it!

But, don’t take our word for it, watch the incredible Emmy Awards proposal for yourself below. In it, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing one of the most powerful award show moments we’ve seen in a long time. AND, you’ll finally be able to find out whether or not Svendsen said “yes!”

We can’t wait to hear your take on this uber-romantic Emmy Awards proposal. Were you surprised by Svendsen’s reaction? Do you think public proposals are romantic? Do you have a super special marriage proposal story that you would like to share?