Emergency Escape Tip That Could Save Your Life

When we come across these kinds of tips, we hope to high heaven that we never have to use them. But better safe (and prepared) than sorry. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your wrists are bound together by duct tape, there is in fact an easy way to escape. Here’s the important trick that Dateline learned:

The original clip from Dateline was taken off YouTube. It showed how to escape duct tape in a hostage situation. To escape, the journalist simply raised her hands, tied together with duct tape, over her head and brought them down quickly in front of her and used the extra force to break free. I’ve also include another video below that shows an alternative method. I hope you never need to use these tips but you can definitely break free from duct tape if the need arises.

You’re going to want to put a gallon of milk in your sink when you see this!