How These Beautiful Women Embraced Their Gray

While some people struggle with the reality of mortality and all that it brings, some embrace it with a sense of welcome. Our bodies age and we stop and wonder what in the world is going on, either trying our hardest to slow down the process or just roll with it. One of the most common places it starts? The hair upon our lovely heads. We get silver strands, or some fading to an uncertain color somewhere in between what was once the original shade and gray. Wisdom highlights? No, thank you or yes, please. Then there’s the decision to dye or not to dye. Men are often regarded as “silver foxes” or distinguished when their hair turns, but for women, that’s not always the case. How about finding some women who have decided to love their silvery locks in spite of their ages? In the video shared below by Real Simple, we see just that among eight women who love their manes as is.

Many among us will see the white hairs before we even turn 35, and for others, even later. For Aerial, she started noticing her gray around age 29, and made the choice to accept it. Now 38, she’s proudly sporting her natural hair color that’s a mixture of gray and brown. Fifty-one-year-old Jody has a head full of long wavy locks that cascade down her shoulders. She says she inspires others to go gray once they see how carefree and easy it is to rock it. Susan loves that fact that she doesn’t have to do constant dye jobs to cover her natural hair. Instead, she gets to be free and unhidden as her true self. Heidi, 44, owns her gray and says it makes her feel sexy, and has retooled the phrase “Blondes have more fun” to “Grays have more fun.” Hey, we can get with that! And Lari fiercely lets us know that her crown says she “earned something” and “owns” herself. Bravo!

Interestingly enough, during the past few years there’s been a surge in gray hair dye jobs— but for ladies who want to go gray. Teenagers and young women up the age ladder have been getting their hair dyed various shades of silver, sometimes with tints of other colors like lilac or blue. It’s trendy, looks cool, and allows them to make a unique and defining beauty statement. But for women with natural gray, all the choice requires is confidence and a little maintenance.

One of the pieces of advice that gorgeous gray-haired minxes share is the need for a great shampoo and conditioner. Some swear that rotating more than one conditioner brand keeps the hair shiny and soft. Women also warned that using certain oils can cause yellowing in the hair, finding coconut oil to be one of the best options. Their other secret weapon for healthy tresses? A nutritious diet full of vitamins and proteins.

If you’re one of these women who has decided to embrace her gray, tell us how you feel. Are you loving your wisdom highlights? Do you feel like a unicorn too? Share with us in the comments!