This has been a difficult year for all of us, but when it comes to celebrities, not many people have had a harder year than Ellen DeGeneres. Not only was her show shut down due to the pandemic back in March, but while she stayed home many celebrities and former employees came forward claiming a toxic work environment at The Ellen Show, and claiming that Ellen herself is not really the nice person she seems to be on TV.

Despite the pandemic, Ellen brought her show back to the studio in September with a small in-studio audience and a noticeable distance between herself and any guests on the show. Although Ellen doesn’t wear a mask while filming the show, staff members and audience members can be seen wearing face masks.

During the season premiere of Ellen’s show, she acknowledged the allegations against her and mentioned that she wants to improve the environment on the show. Regardless, the negative press about Ellen is negatively impacting the show. According to BuzzFeed News, the show is having trouble booking A-list talent, and they are having trouble getting advertisers.

To make things worse, now, Ellen has announced that she has COVID-19, which means the show will have to stop filming immediately. According to a tweet from Ellen, she is “feeling fine” and anyone who has been in close contact with her has been notified.

For more about this unfortunate news for Ellen and her show, watch the video below.

According to a Telepictures spokesperson, The Ellen Show will not resume until January.

Do you watch The Ellen Show? Do you believe the allegations against Ellen? How do you think Ellen got COVID-19?