Remember the kind lady who paid for hotel stays for 70 homeless people during the polar vortex? It was one of the stories that warmed our hearts during that savage cold spell.

Candice Payne was the donor whose gesture inspired others to pick up the tab for more folks in need in Chicago. After her identity was revealed, she shared that she didn’t think twice about putting the cost of the rooms on her credit card.

She reached out on social media for help to organize transportation and meals for everyone and was able to enlist more volunteers, assisting over 100 individuals who were in the cold. Payne, who works in real estate, has found a new purpose and wants to continue to help the homeless.

She created a non-profit called Action for a Cause and plans to acquire and renovate properties for long-term housing needs for homeless individuals. Payne launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the project and received an unexpected gift from TV personality, Ellen.

Ellen welcomed her onto her show to talk about her good deed and to offer $50,000 towards her fundraising goal. Half came from Ellen and the other half was donated by Wal-Mart.

Click below to hear what inspired this generous lady to act in a time of crisis and to see her emotional reaction to Ellen’s good news!

Were you aware of Payne’s nice gesture? Would you volunteer for a cause like helping the homeless?