There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding, but one of the very first decisions that needs to be made is the date. If you’re engaged, your friends, family and co-workers are definitely sure to ask, “Have you set a date?”

Mary and James fell in love, got engaged and set a date, but they knew the date could be tentative. Mary’s father had a tumor on his brain that required brain surgery back in 2017, but he never fully recovered. The couple moved from North Carolina to Alabama to be near Mary’s family, and they planned their wedding while they were there.

It was very important to the couple to have Mary’s dad at the wedding. They would’ve moved up their wedding date, canceled the beautiful wedding they had planned and done an impromptu wedding if that’s what it took to make sure the father of the bride got to see his little girl get married.

Fortunately, the couple was able to plan their beautiful wedding ceremony, and they did not need to cancel their plans. However, Mary’s dad’s health continued to decline. He was suffering from terminal brain cancer. By the wedding day, December 29, 2018, Mary’s dad was in a wheelchair.

Mary and her dad had always danced together, and they planned to dance together at her wedding as well. Mary wasn’t entirely sure if her dad would be able to do the father/daughter dance at the wedding, but she knew she could make the dance work even with the wheelchair.

The video of Mary dancing with her dad at her wedding has now gone viral. You can see highlights of it below.

Mary and James didn’t even hire a videographer for their wedding. Their photographer simply switched the camera to video mode to capture the touching dance, and the photographer was the one who uploaded it online. When Mary and James returned home from their honeymoon, they couldn’t believe how many times the video of the father/daughter dance had already been viewed.

Ellen heard about Mary’s dance with her father and the story behind why he was in a wheelchair. She knew she wanted to meet the couple and do something nice for them.

Mary and James shared with Ellen that Mary’s dad had recently passed away, and Ellen’s show was a nice distraction for them. It was something happy and exciting from them to think about, but Ellen wanted to give them much more than just a distraction.

See the huge surprise that Ellen has ready for Mary and James in the video below.