Childbirth is an extraordinary thing. They say “it takes a village,” and as parents, we agree that having a solid support system of family and friends certainly helps. It’s helpful to have friends to celebrate with before the baby is born. Even princesses like to have baby showers. It’s also helpful to have family offer a helping hand once the wee one arrives. This could be in the form of a meal, an offer to watch the baby while you nap, or any kind gesture at all.

Have you ever wondered if animals think it takes a village to raise their young? From a video captured by a tourist on a safari in Africa, it looks like elephants have a strong support system.

A group of tourists were enjoying a standard safari throughout southern Africa. They stopped to watch a herd of elephants who had gathered at a watering hole. Seeing elephants in the wild in and of itself sounds pretty incredible, but they were about to witness something even more amazing.

One of the elephants walked away from the herd. The tourists weren’t sure what was going on at first, but it quickly became apparent that the elephant was about to give birth!

One quick thinking tourist clicked the video button on his smartphone in time to capture the whole experience. The elephant is seen having contractions as the baby makes its way into the world. She’s all by herself as she gives birth, but she seems okay with that. Elephants must not need someone’s hand to squeeze through the pain.

The baby elephant drops onto the ground. Literally drops. What a way to enter the world!

The mother elephant starts making loud trumpeting sounds. Again, what a way to enter the world! She helps the baby stand and continues making trumpeting sounds.

What happens next proves just how important community is for elephants. The mother seemed to be announcing to her friends and family that the baby had arrived and to come see. All of the other elephants rushed over and started trumpeting and celebrating with the new mom.

The camera loses sight of the baby as the elephants huddle around, protecting the new addition to their herd.

Watch this miraculous footage in the video below.

Since this video was posted on YouTube, it has been viewed over 300,000 times.

What struck you the most about this video? Do you have friends and family who celebrate with you the way this elephant mom does?