Winter is on the horizon, and you know what that means: Curling up by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and, if you’re like me, trying anything to stay warm.

I’m someone who’s always cold, especially my feet. For whatever reason, I could be warm everywhere else but my feet and toes are like icicles during the cold temps. I’ve tried heavy socks, stockings, even these microwavable slippers, but there’s only so much you can do for cold feet.

Well, until now. Amazon is selling an awesome product for people like me—whose feet are always cold—and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why nothing like this has been invented before!

The product is the Proaller Foot Warmer, and it’s seriously the coolest (or should we say hottest?) thing we’ve ever seen. The foot warmer is basically a heating pad that you can slip your feet into to warm up, anytime, anywhere.

The electric heated pad is made of an “ultra plush fabric” with the sides made up of a flannel that’s described as “exceptionally durable and warm.” It comes with a 10-foot extra long cord, and a two-hour auto-off setting to help you save energy (and for safety reasons of not leaving it on too long!).

The foot warmer is 22 inches wide and 21 inches deep, so you can actually share the warmth with a family member or spouse at the same time you’re getting your own warmth on.

Amazon says it beautifully: “No matter use at home while relaxing on the chaise longue, laying on flat on your bed or working in the office, the Proaller foot warmer heating pad is always your sweet partner, making the day full of warmth and energy.”

Besides just people who are always cold, it’s great for those suffering from poor circulation or even gout or other forms of arthritis. Additionally, it can be used to help if your muscles or sore, have any aches and pains in your back, or even to soothe menstrual cramps.

Customers who’ve tried the product have raving reviews about it:

“My feet like to go numb, so this sort of heating pad is a godsend. The pad is extremely soft on both the inside and the outside. My problem with it is the fact that it seems to only be hot on the sides and not the middle, but that switches sometimes. The heat isn’t very consistent or very warm,” someone wrote.

“I used this at work until they banned any type of electrically heated device. So I brought it home and tuck my feet away in it every night at bed time. It doesn’t get too terribly hot, so no worries about getting overheated like some heating pads will do. Just the right amount of heat for someone that is always cold,” another customer stated.

We’re definitely going to have to her our hands on this for the winter! What’s your solution to cold feet? Will you be purchasing your own electric foot warmer this cold season?