You Don’t Want to Miss This Miraculous Video of an Egg Transforming into a Baby – It’s Truly Amazing

This is truly something you don’t see every day. This simulation documents what it’s like for a baby to develop and live in the womb for nine months, starting as an egg and gradually transforming into a to-be-newborn baby. This is a truly stunning video with some interested biological details that everyone should definitely watch.

First of all, it’s astounding that they captured nine months of development in the womb in just four minutes. Really an astounding video.

But the one thing that truly struck me was how much growth there was between the child’s conception and the child’s birth. We routinely see little kids grow from newborns to toddlers and don’t think much of it, but to see how much growth already occurs before birth was absolutely amazing.

Whether or not you’re into biological functions and processes like this, this is a fascinating and (in a strange but completely understandable way) heartwarming video!