Let’s face it, prepping food is not the most exciting element of cooking. Slicing, dicing, paring, and cutting are boring and, well, dangerous—especially if you have an unsteady hand like me! Luckily, we have a super easy food hack for you today that will help you slash your food prep time in half. Just grab an egg slicer and get to work!

Our host, Youtuber DaveHax, illustrates this simple solution in his handy video. The food prep guru instructs the viewer to use a metal slicer instead of a plastic one. Metal ones are a bit pricier, but they do the job better, and last much longer than the alternative!

We all know that egg slicers do a brilliant job of cutting up hard-boiled eggs in an elegant design, but they also work well on many other types of foods. Here are some of the ingredients that pass the egg slicer test.

  1. Strawberries

    egg slicer strawberryDaveHax

    This fruit seems like it was made for the egg slicer! As DaveHax says, “It doesn’t squash out too much juice,” which is KEY when you’re chopping fruit. Now you know that an egg slicer is a must for all of you fruit salad lovers out there!

  2. Kiwis

    egg slicer kiwiDaveHax

    Before placing the kiwi into the slicer, our host is sure to first remove the ends and skin from the fruit. He then pushes the sharp blades down, but it’s immediately clear that this doesn’t work out so well—he is left with a gooey mess. So, he turns the kiwi so that it is facing the blades at a 90-degree angle and the result is MUCH better. Way to improvise!

  3. Avocados

    egg slicer avocadoDaveHax

    Small Hass avocados actually work quite well with the egg slicer! Simply chop the fruit in half, remove the pit and cut off the skin. You will be left with perfectly even slices, which is frankly hard to achieve when slicing avocados with only a knife. This one’s a definite win!

  4. Mushrooms

    egg slicer mushroomDaveHax

    The egg slicer takes the “fear element” of slicing and dicing out of the picture when used on this tiny veggie. The tool works best with small white mushrooms or cremini mushrooms. Just place one in the slicer, then throw into a salad, stew, or soup. So much easier than chopping!

  5. Fresh Mozzarella

    egg slicer mozzarellaDaveHax

    This soft cheese is notoriously slippery and tough to handle. Fortunately, the egg slicer seems to work pretty well on this delicacy. Though DaveHax notes that the ingredient and the utensil weren’t exactly made for one another, if you can deal with the messy ends, the sliced cheese doesn’t look half bad!

Watch the video below to see these slicing skills in action. We’re sure that you are going to want to bust out your egg slicer and experiment on other types of foods—I know I do!

Have you tried this food prep tip before? If so, have you tried using the egg slicer with any other combinations? Have you found it to be helpful? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!