I’ve had an old wooden nightstand that I’ve been thinking about replacing for a while. The table isn’t in awful shape, but it’s been around for at least 15-20 years (it belonged to my parents before it made it’s way to my first apartment), but the wood doesn’t really match any of the other furniture in my bedroom. The other day, however, a thought struck me while putting a book down on the table. All I really wanted was a similar table in a different color. So instead of getting a new table, I could easily just pick up some spray paint!

If you’re thinking about giving your furniture a makeover as well, here are some videos that I watched to get some ideas for this kind of project:

First, here’s a simple “how-to” about using spray paint. When you actually start using the spray can, the key is to keep it moving to avoid paint runs:

If you’re sick of some of your indoor furniture, or you see a great deal on shabby-looking furniture at a yard sale or thrift store, spray paint can come to your aid and make that furniture new, exciting and aesthetically pleasing:

Did you know you can spray paint fabric on furniture? YouTube user Mandala LSPASTV bought a secondhand chair for $15, then turned it into a beautiful, lavender piece of furniture with a few cans of fabric spray paint that she purchased on a site called Spray It New:

Do you have any spray painting success stories or tips to share? Please do so in the comments section below!