Easy and Affordable DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder

With more and more recipes popping up online, more and more of us are bringing our tablets into the kitchen to follow along, and we need a safe, clean place to put it. We could purchase a special tablet holder that fits our kitchen décor, but why in the world would we do that when we have Mamie Jane’s knock-off for inspiration? Read on to learn how to make this easy, affordable tablet holder that follows the shabby-chic trend without trendy prices.

You’ll Need:

Kitchen Tablet Holder MaterialsMamie Jane's

– Wooden cutting board
– Scrabble tile holder
– Triangle-shaped child’s building block
– Wood glue
– White paint
– Stain

How To:

  1. Glue the Scrabble tile holder to the bottom-front of the cutting board.
    Kitchen Tablet Holder Step 1Mamie Jane's
  2. Glue the building block to the back of the cutting board, so that the cutting board lies on a slight angle.
  3. Allow the glue to dry completely.
  4. Kitchen Tablet Holder Steps 2 and 3Mamie Jane's
  5. Paint the holder with the white paint.
  6. Sand the edges and stain.
Kitchen Tablet Holder Steps 4 and 5Mamie Jane's

That’s it! How easy is this idea? And so cost-effective, too! Will you give it a try? How do you protect your tablet in the kitchen? Do you prefer following recipes electronically, or are you a paper-loyalist?