Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? It’s generally a quieter holiday, but it’s absolutely one of our favorites. From the awkward Easter bunny mall photos to the delicious family brunch to the annual Easter egg hunt, it certainly is a celebration that allows for plenty of color and creativity!

So, to kick off the festivities, our good friends and fellow Easter-fanatics over at have illustrated a colorful picture that is as tricky as it is cheerful.

Check out the image for yourself:

The artist who created the photo pays homage to all things spring, including not one but FOUR white bunnies, bunches of blooming flowers, mouthwatering pieces of farm-fresh fruit— and one very hard-to-spot Easter egg.

Now, we know that egg hunts are generally reserved for little ones on Easter Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in this digital version, too! In fact, if you have a kiddo with you right now, you may want to use their young eyes to help you solve this trickier-than-average visual puzzle.

See anything yet?

Yep, didn’t think so!

To be perfectly honest, it took us several minutes to finally crack (no pun intended!) the code for Confused’s dizzying Easter illustration—and that’s saying a lot considering we are no stranger to solving similar visual puzzles.

At first, we set our sights on all of the round objects in the image—but upon doing so, we quickly realized that the wily artist chose to include items that have similar shapes to eggs, like pieces of fruit, flowers, and stones.

Yep, that illustrator sure is dead-set on straining the searching eyes of his audience!

Next, we made use of an old technique wherein the searcher uses their hand to cover up certain parts of the puzzle, turning it into a grid, essentially. This method does two things: it allows you to focus your eyes on one portion of the image at a time AND it helps you zero-in on any other shapes that may be masquerading as the hidden object.

It wasn’t until we used that tried-and-true technique that we finally spotted that clandestine Easter egg!

Now that we’ve done the hard work of spotting the hidden egg, we’ll give you a few helpful hints on how to best find the slippery guy…

1) This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, white egg—it is brightly dyed for Easter.

2) It is only partially visible.

3) The egg could easily be mistaken for one of the many other round objects featured in the image.


Hint-hint, indeed!

Think you’ve nabbed the solution to’s deceptively difficult Easter-themed puzzle? If so, it’s time to cross-check your work by watching the video below. In it, you will get the answer to the brain teaser as well as a nifty history lesson on the origins of the Easter egg.

From your friends at TipHero, we hope you have a “hopping” Easter full of fun, food, and family!

We’d love to hear your take on this picture. Were you able to spot the hidden Easter egg? If so, how long did it take you to find it? Do you have any tips for planning awesome Easter egg hunts?