There are few things more annoying than trying to use up the boxes you have sitting in the garage, but the items you need to store away or gift to someone them simply just don’t fit in them. Are we right?

You know, when you try to wrap an umbrella as a birthday gift—does a long, skinny object ever fit perfectly into one of those boxes? Likely not—at least, not the way the box is currently folded.

However, prepare to be amazed. One woman recently went viral after she posted a video displaying how to easily transform a box to fit whatever she wants to put it in. That’s right, so long are the days you have to go spend tons of money on boxes to fit oddly shaped items!

All you need to make it happen are some scissors or box cutters and a little hand-eye coordination. The woman doesn’t explain her method verbally in the video, she just shows you visually—so make sure you watch carefully. It seems like one of those things that may look a little complicated initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be useful in so many situations!

The video racked up nearly 90,000 views with Twitter users everywhere commenting about how amazing the hack is.

“The witchery,” someone wrote in awe.

“This vid has blown my mind,” another person said.

“Can you fix Coronavirus too?” someone else jokingly asked (if only!).

One person did point out one caveat: that this trick probably only works for boxes you don’t plan to ship anywhere. “Great idea and example!” she wrote. “Someone should note that shipping insurance claims will be denied if the item you are shipping is damaged and was in a modified box like this though.”

Besides that, we can’t think of one good reason why you wouldn’t want to learn how to create a new shape for a box!

To see the witch—we mean woman—in action, check out her video tutorial below.

What kinds of items do you always have trouble trying to fit inside a typically-shaped box? Did you know you could transform the shape of a box so easily without having to buy a new one? Do you think you’ll try out this method?