Dyson, long considered a maker of high-end vacuum cleaners, has launched a kid-sized version of their popular ball vacuum. It’s a toy, but it really works!

Called the Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum, it is perfect for helping little ones to get the job done. Standing at a height of 25 inches, the mini machine features a cyclone spinner with visible foam balls, suction action, and genuine vacuum sounds.

Designed with toddlers in mind, the age minimum is set at three years old. However, reviewers all over the web are gifting these to younger kiddos too who love to help out around the house. It’s been earning rave reviews for its realistic look and function.

The control buttons allow you to choose whether you want the suction function on or off, so if you have a child that is wary of loud noises, you can opt out. In addition to Dyson’s signature ball design, the vacuum also includes a detachable dustbin on the back that can be emptied. How cool is that?

There isn’t a plug on it so you will have to purchase a set of 4 C batteries separately. Parents will appreciate how this can keep the kids occupied on chore day, but this tiny vac isn’t powerful enough to handle big messes so yeah, you’ll still have to vacuum with the real thing.

Crumbs and small pieces of paper will meet their match with this cute replica, so if you have a child in your life who loves to clean, this is the perfect toy! For more details, reviews, and ordering info, go ahead and check things out right here just in time for Christmas.

Is this something you would buy for your child? Do you love Dyson products already? Your thoughts on a realistic toy like this?