Easter is the season for all things egg-related and lots and lots of pastels. So why not combine the two in one beautiful, edible union? Crouton Crackerjacks shows us how to make these dyed deviled eggs, the perfect decorative snack to make this Easter! Deviled eggs are the ideal Easter finger food to start with, but dyeing them lovely shades of blue, yellow and purple? It doesn’t feel more like springtime than that! Watch the video below and learn how to put this cool twist on your deviled eggs.

Similar recipes online will say that you need vinegar and that three drops of food coloring are recommended – we recommend that you don’t listen to that. These eggs are beautiful, but they’re also meant to be edible Easter snacks. Adding vinegar will not make your eggs taste so great and more than one drop of food coloring per 3/4 cup of water will give your egg whites a distinctive food coloring taste…and unless that’s your favorite flavor, you might not want to do that!



– Cups of water (3/4 cup should do)
– Food coloring (any colors you’d like)
– Hard boiled eggs
– Ingredients for deviled eggs (whatever you use; mustard, mayo, ect.)


1. Use 1 drop of liquid food coloring for each 3/4 cups of water. Any more than that and you will taste the food coloring which is not a pleasant taste.
2. Cut the eggs in half and put the yolks into a bowl.
3. Take the whites and rinse them if you so choose, it doesn’t really matter, and put them into the colored water. Let sit for 30-45 minutes or until desired shade is reached.
4. Drain and rinse the whites with fresh cold water. Let dry somewhat on a paper towel and then fill with the yolk mixture you made while the whites were being colored. Put onto a plate or an egg platter and enjoy!