Survey a group of people about their least favorite bedding item and we guarantee one of the top rankers would be the duvet cover. Yup. Lovely to look at but hellish to work with, those things have a big band of haters. Big.

Why? They’re difficult to put on the actual duvet itself. Let’s clear up some confusion first for those who aren’t sure what they are. A duvet is basically a comforter. A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase that fits over the duvet. Well, it’s supposed to if you can get it that way. Once on the bed, it feels like warmth piled on top of warmth.

Hotels have them. You and your friends may have them too. But some of us have tried fighting with them and lost. Imagine having a king-size bed with a king-size comforter and a king-size pillowcase that you have to slip over that comforter. Sound a bit challenging?

It is, but luckily there are videos like this one from Inhabitat to show us how to make the task easier. Take a long, deep woo-sah and give it a go!

Image of duvet on bed.Inhabitat
  1. Flip It

    Flip the duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed with the open end at the foot.

  2. Line It Up

    Place the duvet on top of the comforter with the corners lined up properly.

  3. Roll It

    Start rolling both towards the end of the bed until you reach the open end.

  4. Turn It Out

    You should have a burrito-shaped roll. Turn the duvet cover outside in by flipping it over one side of your “burrito”. Repeat on the other side.

  5. Unroll It

    Begin unrolling the duvet and cover from the middle. The right side of the duvet cover will now be showing as you unroll the entire covered duvet.

Congratulations! This will probably be one of the few times you want to unwrap an entire burrito on purpose. Watch the whole clip in awe – more than once – so you too can finally learn how to put one of these things on the correct way. No more wrestling, no more cursing, and no more abandoning the duvet ship.

You’ll finally be able to open up the duvet cover you were gifted with as a newlywed but have been dreading to use. You will also be aware of what the heck a duvet cover actually is and can impress your significant other with your duvet-changing skills. And after you wash one, you’ll feel like putting it back on the bed.

With that said, those of you who choose to stick with comforters and quilts are also very clever. Once a duvet is stuffed, wrapped, or rolled into its cover, there’s also the part about keeping it from getting all lumpy.

To prevent the duvet from slipping, twisting, and bunching, you can use the ties that are attached to some covers. But other folks use safety pins to pin the corners (or edges) together before flipping the duvet cover onto its right side.

Lovers of duvets like their designs and the added layer of warmth they provide. Detesters avoid them for their very existence, even if they are cheap and nice-looking. Your choice.

Are you a fan or hater of duvet covers? How often do you use them? Will this method change your mind about duvet covers?