8-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Was Usually Non-Verbal. But Then She Shared a Heartfelt Duet With a Homeless Man.

Have a box of tissues nearby? You’re going to need it after you see the most heartwarming video on the internet just went viral. Yep, we just named it that.

The story behind the video begins with Kimberly Phillips, the mom of eight-year-old daughter Nevaeh, who has Down syndrome, and who was brought to tears when her daughter finally opened up—to a completely unexpected person in a completely unexpected way.

Nevaeh is generally non-verbal, but when the two met a homeless man outside the Christ Central Concessions of Hope homeless shelter in South Carolina while they were visiting church that day, everything changed.

The man, whose name is Tyion, began to sing a song to Nevaeh with a beautiful tune—and something in her wanted to sing too. Even though she’s usually non-verbal, she couldn’t help but bust out a melody along with him.

Kimberly was completely overwhelmed and taken back by her daughter in the best way possible. She captured the amazing footage on video and when she posted it to her Facebook page, it of course went viral, reaching millions of people.

“Love made her do it,” Phillips said about her daughter, who was clearly captivated with Tyion. “She just knows how to draw a crowd—she just has a gift.”

After the video went vial, Kimberly went to find the man again and tell him the happy news. He was thrilled, and told Nevaeh he couldn’t have done it without him. “I can’t tell you how full our hearts are!” Kimberly said.

“I just wanted to show the world what children with Down syndrome are like,” Kimberly said. “You will be blessed beyond measure because they know and they want to bring you joy. They are leading by example—and that’s how we should all be loving others.”

To view the lovely duet yourself, check out the video below!

How sweet are these two? Have you ever witnessed an unlikely pair singing like this before?