The Rumored Feud Going on Between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Gets Its Own TV Special

Tabloid rumors of a feud between Duchesses Meghan Markle and Catherine of Cambridge have now inspired a TV special on the TLC network. Yes, that would be the same TLC (The Learning Channel) responsible for shows like Sex Sent Me to the ER, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Best Funeral Ever.

You’ll either consider it to be juicy gossip or nonsensical drivel, but it is airing on Tuesday, February 5. Meghan Markle – and certain members of her family – had been under constant scrutiny ever since her engagement and subsequent wedding to Prince Harry.

She’s been a topic of rumors herself, but for the past few months, unnamed palace insiders and royal experts have claimed that the sisters-in-law are not getting along. While media stories have both played things up and played things down, this TLC special aims to answer if something foul is going on. In fact, 10 royal experts will be featured.

Their husbands cannot escape whispers of a rift as it has been suspected that they too are not on the greatest terms. Always in the public eye, the royal family has been the subject of tabloid fodder and scandal for decades. We do not think that certain media outlets will be putting out the speculative fires anytime soon, therefore a TV special doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary, does it?

If you want to learn more about what TLC has up its sleeve for this rumor roundup, please click below. We have a feeling it will get royal watchers talking.

Do you plan on watching or DVR-ing this show? What are your thoughts on the existence of a duchess feud? Are you a TLC fan?