What Happens When You Throw 30 lbs. of Dry Ice Into a Pool!

Having a swimming pool is a luxury that I’m sure everyone out there would love to have as their own. But, did you know that this summertime staple can also double as a laboratory for amateur scientists? This is how one guy turned his into a big, bubbling sight to see!

Our video comes to us today from the infamous YouTube personality known as CrazyRussianHacker. The clip itself has close to 25 MILLION views—with numbers like that, you know you’re in for a treat. Let’s just say that we think this mad scientist viral video star certainly lives up to his name!

Before we disclose the details of this crazy experiment, I think it goes without saying that we don’t advise you to try this one at home—no, no, no! Sure, the end result looks cool, but believe us, your neighbors, loved ones, and LUNGS (we’ll get into that later!) would rather you not try this one!

Our host kicks off the video by showing us how exactly he managed to gather together the necessary materials. The number one item that it is needed is, not surprisingly, dry ice!

CrazyRussianHacker decided on several blocks weighing in at 30 pounds. He then puts on some gloves and throws the ice into a cooler, where he chisels away with the fervor of a master ice sculptor.

Man chiseling dry ice in a coolerCrazyRussianHacker
Once his big blocks are properly broken up into tiny pieces, the YouTuber—after a bit of a fail—throws the ice straight into his heated pool, then goes on to catch several angles of the bubbling, boiling magic.

So, you may be asking yourself: What does dry ice do to a swimming pool anyways? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, throwing the super-cold substance into your pool is not the best of ideas.

Though adding up to 200 pounds of dry ice to a heated pool won’t damage it, there are definitely some precautions that you need to take if you were to decide to ignore our disclaimer at the top of the article!

The number one rule is to never try this on an indoor pool. According to eHow, when this super cold ice is dropped into a warm environment, the CO2 levels rise very, very quickly. The chemical reaction is actually the process that makes the cool fizzing action.

However, CO2 is obviously hazardous and can cause asphyxiation if you’re exposed to high levels of the stuff in an enclosed space. It also goes without saying that you should never go for a dip in a pool that contains dry ice, even if it is located outdoors.

So, if you have an infinity pool in the back yard of your opulent house in the hills like our intrepid host does, we suggest enjoying it for what it was made for—swimming!

Now with all of this build-up, we’re guessing that you are probably ready to see this amazing sight for yourself! Click on CrazyRussianHacker’s video below to watch this YouTuber turn his pool into a witch’s cauldron. We’ve gotta admit—it looks pretty cool!

What do you think of CrazyRussianHacker’s ice cold experiment? Have you tried this in your own pool? If so, what were the results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!