School talent shows are sooo much fun. Kids will amaze you with the level of talent they possess. You get to see yo-yo tricks, singers, dancers, water bottle flippers, and a teenage fave— bands.

At Lake Howell High School’s talent show in 2011, the crowd was introduced to the musical magic of the drum. What they thought was one kid ready to rock, was actually five. And what’s better than five drumming boys lined up to blaze the stage? Well, that would be five drumming boys dressed in kilts.

Dubbed “The Hot Scots” (clever right?), friends Jordan, Nigel, Dylan, Matt, and Elias beatboxed onto the stage with drumsticks in their hands. Then they got all serious. With a click-clack, their drumline officially jumped off to immediate cheers.

No background music, singers, or other instruments accompanied their set. These kids drove the audience wild with their sound, footwork, and all-around synced up swagger. Go band kids! In addition to the solos, ducking, and fierce facial expressions, we’re also treated to a giant Rickroll smackdab in the middle of their routine. Because who would expect that? Watch the entire video and see if you can help yourself from getting caught up in the beat.

Image of guys playing drums in kilts.fernandiish

Words can’t describe the phenomenal performance this crew of percussionists put together. Sick! Dylan, who can be seen playing the snare in the center, told Drumlines of America that they planned their act the same week of the talent show. If that doesn’t speak to the caliber of skill of these guys, I don’t know what does.

He and Nigel creatively built upon some existing drum corps pieces that they all loved to play. Also, the Hot Scots was a resurrection of a former school drumming group from the ‘90s. These guys decided to bring the vibe back – kilts and all – for the talent show.

These talented young men have definitely inspired a few younger generations to take up band and percussion by showcasing their skills in this short video. They were humbled by all the attention their performance received from people all over the world, but realized it was serious when America’s Got Talent made multiple attempts to bring them to their stage.

What’s even more amazing is that years later this group has passed the baton on to a new lineup of Hot Scots who keep the tradition going at the high school. And these five have all remained friends! One of them even went on to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a major performer. How cool!

If your only exposure to school talent shows has been YouTube clips like this viral sensation or Tina Fey’s spirited mom-dance in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, then you’re missing out. Go to your child’s, niece, nephew, or grandkid’s school competition for some pure entertainment. You won’t be disappointed.

What are your thoughts on this drumline performance? Have you ever seen any talent show greatness? Were you ever part of a band in high school?  Share with us in the comments!