Can You Spot the Design Flaw That’s Driving Everyone Crazy?

Every so often, there’s a new kind of home that everybody can’t stop talking about and sharing. Today, though, there’s a home in North Carolina going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Usually, when we’re sharing a story of an unusual home, we’re sharing it for the right reasons: the dream home of a family that overcame adversity together, or the family spending more time together in a creative, unique space; the crazy-cool historical secrets people find when they renovate older houses; and, of course, tiny houses, in all their environmentally-friendly, upcycling, design-innovating and space-saving glory.

We love sharing the positive and the inspiring, because there’s nothing better than helping people create the kinds of spaces they love to come home to at the end of a long, tiring day. There’s no better way to help you “live your best life,” after all, than to create a home that reflects who you are, nurtures your dreams and offers calm amidst the stress of your life.

Sometimes, however, you can learn as much by looking at examples of what not to do when it comes to home design, and BOY, do we have an example of one to share with you today. It’s a prime reminder that much as we might love all the creative and innovative finishing touches that make a house a home, it’s always important not to forget the basics when actually building that house.

The poor North Carolina house serving as our cautionary tale today sits in the small town of Clemmons, just outside Winston-Salem. A picture of it was posted to the popular online forum Reddit – under the title “They had one job” – then quickly spread across the Internet via Facebook and other channels. Sadly, the reason for its spread was super-unfortunate: the design flaw was so ridiculous, it actually made some people angry!

See if you can spot it. Take another look at the picture from above:

Do you see it? Pay close attention to that expanse of concrete and those trash cans. Look at the road in the upper left corner, and the way the sidewalk wraps around to the front door. Something about it doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

Still don’t see it? Let’s try looking at it from another angle, this time from the front of the house:

See it now? About half of you are probably laughing a little and shaking your heads at the builders of this house, but the other half are probably thinking, “What? It looks like a nice enough house?” Give it a moment. When you realize it, it jumps out at you. Just pay attention to the garage door and tell us what you see.

Yup. The driveway’s in the completely wrong spot, and there’s no way to actually get a car into that garage! In the video below, Inside Edition tries to figure out how in the world this mistake could have happened.

So what do you think? Is there a method behind the madness here, or is this design flaw simply the work of a unsupervised driveway crew? Did you run into any crazy mistakes like this one when you were building your home? What other crazy construction design flaws have you seen? Tell us your thoughts!