Your drawers have a tendency to get incredibly messy, often without you even realizing it. And while it might not seem like a big deal – nobody sees what your drawers look like, right? – messy drawers can be a pain in the neck when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Trying to get out the door for work in a passable outfit becomes that much more difficult to do when your drawers are in disarray. But how can you get your drawers back to their pristine condition? Honestly, all it takes is some fancy folding.

If you can fold your clothes in a space-efficient way, you can not only get your clothes organized in any way you want (color coordination, anyone?) but you can save some seriously needed space in your drawers, too. And trust us, there is way more space in your drawers than you think there is.

Linda Koopersmith, The Beverly Hills Organizer for Howdini, is going to show us the perfect fold for a t-shirt and a few other tricky items of clothing; this will make all the clothes compact and identical, making them easy to store and save space.

How can you get this perfect fold? There’s a pretty easy technique that Linda is going to break down for us below.


STEP 1: Start by folding in the left side of the shirt. Fold back the sleeve.

STEP 2: Repeat on the right side of the shirt and fold back the sleeve. The shirt should be folded into thirds, at this point.

STEP 3:  Take the bottom of your shirt and bring it up to the neckline of the shirt, so that the two seams are even.

STEP 4: If you have a shallow drawer, take the bottom of your shirt and fold it up to the top again.

Make sure when you fold each side of the shirt in, that you smooth the fabric out. This will assure that the shirt will fold as smoothly as possible and stay wrinkle-free in your drawer! And if it means less ironing for you, we bet you’re all about it.

The shirts will then actually stand up on their own, so you can stack them upright in your drawer! This is going to make your drawers look so beautiful when they’re neatly lined up and color coordinated.

Thongs tend to be a tricky thing to fold, too – there’s not a lot of fabric to work with, so most ladies tend to ball up the underwear and toss it in their drawer. But there actually is a way to neatly fold this tricky undergarment.


STEP 1: Start with the thong butt-up.

STEP 2: Fold the sides of the thong inward, as many times as needed. Smaller thongs will only require one fold in.

STEP 3: Finally, fold the remainder of the underwear upwards, as many times as needed.

This will leave you with a neat little package that will look much nicer in your underwear drawer. Folding a bathing suit bottom is similar in the sense that the sides would fold in and the bottom area would fold up, creating a small package that you can easily store in your drawer.

Linda also goes into some detail about how she organizes her drawer, mainly using adjustable drawer dividers. You can purchase these at most local stores and they’re definitely worth the investment!

What do you think of these organization tips? Share any tips you have in the comments section below.