At first, the Covid vaccine was in limited supply and only a few people like the elderly population and healthcare workers were eligible to get vaccinated. Many people felt lucky and thankful when it was their turn to get vaccinated; however, at this point in the pandemic, many, many people are fully vaccinated. Yet, months after being eligible to get vaccinated, some people are still unvaccinated. Why?

There are a lot of people in a variety of industries who are vaccine hesitant. Maybe it’s because the vaccine is so new. Maybe it’s because they worry about the safety of the vaccine. Some people would rather quit their jobs than get vaccinated.

In order to try to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant, Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with an unvaccinated nurse named Andrea Babinski. She is going to lose her job if she doesn’t get vaccinated. Babinski has made the decision not to get vaccinated despite the vaccine mandate where she works.

Dr. Gupta thought that as a nurse she should understand why the vaccine is important, but he was unable to convince her to get vaccinated. No matter what he asked her or how he tried to help her understand the reasons for getting vaccinated, she came back with her own reasons why she is not going to get vaccinated.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Gupta kept giving Babinski more and more reasons why she should get vaccinated, but in the end he asked her if anything would convince her to get vaccinated. He seemed surprised that he wasn’t able to change her mind.

Watch the video below to hear this conversation between Dr. Gupta and Babinski.

Do you know anyone who is hesitant to get the Covid-19 vaccine? Does it surprise you that a nurse would be willing to lose her job over the vaccine? Does it surprise you that Dr. Gupta was surprised he wasn’t able to convince her to get vaccinated?